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Increased sales;
Improved cash-flows by reducing the need for cash;
An increase in the size and diversity of their customer base;
Access to new markets;
Interest free credit lines, reducing the cost of funding working capital;
Accelerated accounts receivable;
Ability to market to a captive audience in the form of the Trade Exchange Membership;
Increased ability to manage and balance fluctuations in production and overtime;
Additional resources via a network of A To Z employees actively interested in building a Member’s sales and helping to maximize the value available on barter
Realized value for under-utilized assets;
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Acting as a clearing house, the A To Z Trade Exchange offers flexibility, in that a trader can trade with any other participant without the need for a direct exchange. A To Z provides an accounting and administrative facility which monitors the debits and credits of all participants, using an accounting unit which, in India is a Trade Rupee (TR) – naturally this term changes according to the local currency e.g. in the Australia it is called a Trade Dollar . A “Trade Rupee” serves as a medium of exchange, recording the value of transactions between buyers and sellers within the Trade Exchange. A To Z charges each member involved in a transaction a fee (based on a percentage of the face value of the transaction). In addition, each member pays a monthly Administration Fee.
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