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Acting as a clearing house, A To Z Trade Exchange offers flexibility, in that a trader can trade with any other participant without the need for a direct exchange. A To Z provides an accounting and administrative facility which monitors the debits and credits of all participants, using an accounting unit which, in India is a Trade Rupee (TR) . A “Trade Rupee” serves as a medium of exchange, recording the value of transactions between buyers and sellers within the Trade Exchange. A To Z charges each member involved in a transaction a fee (based on a percentage of the face value of the transaction).

A To Z has a member base of over 1000 which makes it the largest Trade Exchange of its type in India

The A To Z Trade Exchange offers many benefits to Members, most importantly the ability to generate higher profits, conserve cash and increase sales. By using “Trade Rupees” to purchase services or goods substantial cash saving can be achieved. This is one of the strengths of the A To Z Trade Exchange

A To Z has members list of products and services from a wide variety of industries, including marketing-related services such as advertising, printing and promotion to office and building equipment, raw materials, retail products, real estate, travel and entertainment.

In addition to Internet, automated phone and other electronic services, A To Z offers Members assistance through dedicated staff, whose primary function is to bring buyers and sellers together and provide service and assistance to Members. A To Z functions as a market maker, a clearing house and a third party record keeper for participants.

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